Graduate Professional Diploma Program on Water for Food Security

Water, energy and nutrient loops for agriculture (environmental impact of
irrigated agriculture; water, energy and nutrients loops; advances in efficient
water and energy use in agriculture and horticulture; ecosystem services;
urban and rural linkages; wastewater use in agriculture) (LWD, EEWT)

Management of agricultural water use (types of irrigation
schemes/management; water accounting; water rights; water pricing) (LWD,
module 8)

Agricultural performance assessment (Remote sensing, GIS, modelling,
system performance monitoring tools, planning tools) (LWD, module 11)

Water resources for food security (evaluating water resources for irrigation;
reservoir operations and drought management; conjunctive uses; soil salinity
management with optimal use of groundwater; catchment modelling with
SWAT; rainwater harvesting and storage) (HWR, HERBD)

Irrigation and drainage modernisation (modernisation of irrigation methods;
precision irrigation; pumps; solar-powered irrigation; automation in
operation) (LWD, module 10)